Panggangan Maspion Fantastic Roaster

Panggangan Maspion Fantastic Roaster

Maspion Fantastic Roaster is used to roast on a gas stove. Very little smoke and no need to bother preparing charcoal when roasting. Fantastic Roaster is perfect for BBQ parties and camping activities on weekends.

  • Heat resistant grill grid. Made with selected iron and is finished with Enamel coating.
  • The anodize process makes the aluminum body harder and stronger.
  • The rotary dish is made of pure stainless steel.
  • Disc plates are made of well-selected steel with enamel coating.
  • Phenolic handles which don’t deliver heat that are comfortable when carried and moved.


Code Description Unit In Box Measurement Weight Barcode
Inner Box (mm) Outer Box (mm) /Unit (gr) /Box (gr)
BLG-PIFR33 FANTASTIC ROASTER 33 CM 6 PCS/BOX 324x72x352 472x342x384 8990011 020161

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Soft Anodize


Gas Stove

Handle & Knob

Phenolic / Ebonit



  • If necessary, use oil or butter on the surface of the grill in contact with food.
  • Place the grill away from easily flammable objects.
  • Do not leave the grill unattended.
  • Remember to keep children and pets away from a lit grill at all times.
  • To avoid harm to people, pets or properties, do not move the grill while used.
  • Once grilling, the surrounding surfaces will become very hot. Use proper cooking mitts or utensils, and avoid skin contact with all hot metal surfaces on the grill.
  • After the Grill has cooled, cover and store the grill unit when not in use.