We Makes Beautiful , With High Quality Material

Logam Jawa ® Is a Part of Maspion Group. Recognized Brand Jawa®, Colan®, Alcor®, Mikado®, Maslon® and Maslon Camping® With Thousands of Products.

Being One of the Largest Consumer Durable Goods Producers in the World, Logam Jawa ® Posseses Strong Expertise in Marketing and Manufacturing Wide Series of Quality Houseware, Kitchenware, Bakeware and Home Appliances. It Has an Established and Extensive Distribution Networks Both Domestically and Internationally Trough Distributors, Agents, or Retailer.

Logam Jawa ® Believes That Corporate Social Responsibilities Is Part of Corporate Culture and Begins at Home and Belongs Wherever It Operates. This Serves Shareholders Interests Just as It Benefits the People and Country.

We Strives to Be the Partner of the Choice in Life of Our Customer, Employees, Business Partners and Other Social Members of the Community by Offering Not Just Our Products and Services but Also Offering Partnership in Every Area of Life. Because Our Customer Are Our Number One Priority!

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Resep Kari Ayam dan Roti Jala

Bahan Kari Ayam 1 ekor Ayam, ukuran sedang 800 ml santan sedang 1 batang kayu manis 2 bh bunga lawang 1 bh sereh, geprek 10 lbr... read more

Resep Sambal Goreng Kering Ikan Teri Kacang

Weekend bikin masakan khas Indonesia ini aja kak. Sambal Goreng Ikan Teri. Paling enak dibuat lauk pakai nasi hangat.... read more

Resep Praktis: Tumis Pasta Makaroni Saus Tiram

Makaroni bukan hanya bisa jadi campuran sop, seblak atau dituang saus bolognese. Makaroni juga bisa dimasak seperti makanan lainnya,... read more

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