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The Safest Tips for Cooking with an Aluminum Maspion Pot

Maspion aluminum pans are the safest brand for cooking. You’ll need some tricks and tips to perfect your cooking safely using aluminum pots. Using a pot safely has many advantages, not only it will extend the durabilities of your pan but it will also benefit your health.

Tips for Safe Cooking Using Maspion Aluminum Pots

For housewives who love to cook with pots, you should know tips for safe cooking using a Maspion aluminum pot. Maspion brand is considered effective and certainly has higher durability as cookware as long as you know the tricks. Check out below!

Panci Bronita Aluminium Logam Jawa Aman Untuk Masakan

Don't Heat an Empty Pot

An empty pot heated in high heat is quite dangerous because it results in releasing polymer vapor. This vapor will come out only in a few minutes. Therefore, a good aluminum pot must be placed on the stove-top while already containing the ingredients.

Panci Aluminium Saucepan Elegante

There Must Be Ventilation In The Kitchen

The easy-to-use aluminum pots are highly popular because of its simplicity. Keep in mind also that the kitchen must be well ventilated. Ventilation or windows will function as the escape routes for the smoke. Too much smoke can harm you and your family.

Panci Aluminium Maxi Kitty Colan

Avoid Cooking Using High Heat

The use of aluminum pots is to simplify cooking. Cooking in high heat is not advisable. This can affect the durability of the pots and will be easily damaged.

Panci Aluminium Aman Cooking Scientist

Pay Attention when Washing the Pots

It is recommended that you wash the aluminum pot using a soft sponge and warm soapy water. Do not use iron pads as it will harm the pots and will reduce its durabilities.

Thus are some safety tips when cooking using Maspion aluminum pots. So, keep using Maspion aluminum pots for your and your family’s safety.

Panci Tinggi TD Kilap

Panci Tinggi TD Kilap is a Pan from the Jawa brand of Maspion Logam Jawa. Great for reheating soups, making sauces, cooking grains, or boiling vegetables. Suitable for everyday cooking which requires a fast and practical process.
  • Made with MASPION Aluminum. Aluminum is a good heat conductor, making food cooked evenly and faster, saving time and energy.
  • Thicker, stronger and durable even when used every day. Safe for food.


Teko TEKO CONCERTO is a Whistling Kettle from the Mikado brand of Maspion Logam Jawa. Kettle fitted with a device that emits an audible whistle when the water in the kettle starts to boil.
  • Made with MASPION Aluminum which has gone through the anodizing process. Making aluminum more durable, food-safe and easy to clean.
  • Equipped with a comfortable phenolic handle, will not deliver heat when held while cooking.
  • The water level inside the Whistling Kettle cannot be more than the limit line under the funnel. It will block the airflow which function is to ring the whistle when the water has boiled.

Panggangan Picco Grill

Panggangan Picco Grill is a Grill from the Maslon Grill brand of Maspion Logam Jawa. Maspion’s Family can have a barbecue pretty much anywhere. Panggangan Picco Grill is a portable grill, making it very convenient for taking to the beach or camping. Just be sure to use it on a flat and sturdy surface.
  • Portable grill, using charcoal as the fuel. Outdoor uses only.
  • Made of quality steel with enamel coating. High temperature resistance when it use for grilling.
  • Grill grid of iron wire coated with enamel. Non-stick and safe for food.

Wajan Basic Classic Wok Non Stick

Basic Classic Wok is a Wok from the Maslon brand of Maspion Logam Jawa. Fitted to cooking in a medium or large portion and make dishes such as fried rice, saute vegetables, fried noodles, and others.
  • Made of high-quality MASPION Carbon Steel, deliver heat from ignition well and faster. Carbon Steel can also store heat from ignition after the stove is turned off, thus keeping food warm before serving.
  • The inside is coated with a quality non-stick layer, safe for food and easy to clean. The outside is coated with a silicon-polyester layer which protects the Carbon Steel from direct heat and rust.
  • Always use nylon or wooden spatulas when cooking because metal spatulas will make the non-stick layer peeled off.
  • Equipped with an ergonomic and strong handle makes it more comfortable when used.