Panggangan Multi Square Grill Maspion

Panggangan Multi Square Grill Maspion

One of the best seller product from MASPION. Now all Maspion’s Family can have a barbecue pretty much anywhere. Multi Square Grill is a portable grill, making it very convenient for taking to the beach, on a camping trip or anywhere you want. Just be sure to use it on a flat, sturdy surface. Huge cooking area. there is plenty of room for mouthwatering burgers and sausages or whatever you fancy cooking up at your next picnic.

  • Portable grill, using charcoal as the fuel. Outdoor uses only.
  • Made of quality steel with powder coating. High temperature resistance when grilling.
  • Grill grid of iron wire coated with nickel chrome. safe for food.


Code Description Unit In Box Measurement Weight Barcode
Inner Box (mm) Outer Box (mm) /Unit (gr) /Box (gr)
BLG-PIMS30 MULTI SQUARE GRILL 30 CM 6 PCS/BOX 257x343x108 692x277x375 8990011 010643
BLG-PIMS50 MULTI SQUARE GRILL 50 CM 6 PCS/BOX 258x538x140 972x299x582 8990011 010650

Additional information


Black, Red


Carbon Steel


Silicone Polyester

  • This Grill is intended for OUTDOOR USE. Do not attempt to use the grill indoors.
  • Place the grill outside on a firm, level surface away from wooden fences, overhanging trees or other easily flammable objects before adding and igniting the charcoals.
  • Use only commercial charcoal lighter fluid, rubbing alcohol, or paraffin. Prepare charcoal according to products' instructions.
  • After the charcoal is ignited, do not leave the grill unattended.
  • Remember to keep children and pets away from a lit grill at all times.
  • To avoid harm to people, pets or properties, do not move the grill once the charcoal is ignited.
  • Once coals ignited, the grill and surrounding surfaces will become very hot. Use proper outdoor cooking utensils and avoid direct contact with all hot metal surfaces on the grill.
  • To extinguish the charcoal after cooking, dowse coals with sand or spray with a fine mist of water.
  • After the Grill has cooled, cover and store the grill unit when not in use.