Kitchen Oil Pot

Kitchen Oil Pot is a product of the Maspion brand from Maspion Logam Jawa. Used to filter and as an oil container after being used for frying. So that if the oil is still in good condition, oil can still be used again for cooking. Very practical and keeps the kitchen clean.

  • Made of high-quality MASPION Carbon Steel. Coated with a silicon-polyester layer which protects the Carbon Steel from direct heat and rust.
  • Safe for food and easy to clean.
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Code Description Unit In Box Measurement Weight Barcode
Inner Box (mm) Outer Box (mm) /Unit (gr) /Box (gr)
BLG-PCOIL1 OIL POT 1,5 Lt 24 PCS/BOX 163x160x158 1002x350x354 8990011 010483

Additional information




Carbon Steel


Non-Stick Coating

  • Before being used for the first time, wash the piece with warm water, mild soap and a soft sponge.
  • Let cool before washing. Sudden changes of temperature may result on deformation of the base so that the product will not work properly anymore.
  • After washing, dry immediately each piece with a dry cloth or paper towel to prevent limescale formation.
  • Better do not use metal utensils that can damage or scratch the inner surface.
  • Store carefully, avoiding direct contact with metal or sharp objects.
  • Place pieces upside down when storing to avoid future odor build up.