Wajan Alcor Spirit Wok Non Stick

Wajan Alcor Spirit Wok Non Stick

Alcor Spirit Wok can make medium quantity food in your kitchen. Don’t be afraid. Alcor Spirit Wok is coated with a layer of non-stick coating, which can be clean easily.

  • Made from high quality Aluminium.
  • With non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning easy. Use wooden or nylon spatula ONLY. Metal spatula will make the layer peel off.
  • Ergonomic and strong handles make it easy to lift the pan.


Code Description Unit In Box Measurement Weight Barcode
Inner Box (mm) Outer Box (mm) /Unit (gr) /Box (gr)
AIII-WJAS30 ALCOR SPIRIT WOK 30 CM NS 12 PCS/BOX 390x95x315 713x352x313 8990011 311733
AIII-WJAS33 ALCOR SPIRIT WOK 33 CM NS 12 PCS/BOX 343x105x370 711x386x303 8990011 311740
AIII-WJAS35 ALCOR SPIRIT WOK 35 CM NS 12 PCS/BOX 365x135x365 761x756x428 8990011 311757

Additional information




Non-Stick Coating



Handle & Knob

Phenolic / Ebonit

    • Before being used for the first time, cleanse the cookware with warm water and let dry.
    • Use wooden or nylon spatula ONLY. Spatulas made of metal will make the nonstick coating layer peel off.
    • Even though coated with the nonstick coating, better use a little bit oil or butter while cooking.
    • After cooking, let the cookware cool down. Wash in the warm water with soap. Gently rub the stain with a sponge. Rinse and wipe with soft fabric. MAKE SURE the cookware is dried completely before stored.
    • Do NOT soak in water for too long and avoid collisions with hard objects.
    • Not recommended to wash using a dishwasher.
    • For long-term care, it is recommended to cover the cookware with a layer of vegetable oil before storing. Put a little bit of oil on the tissue and wipe it evenly on the cookware's surface.