Pancaguna Gudetama Glass Cover

Pancaguna Gudetama Glass Cover

Pancaguna Gudetama Glass Cover is a product of the Silano brand from Maspion Logam Jawa. Multi-Purpose Steamer and also known as Pancaguna is multi-function cookware that can be used for various purposes in the kitchen such as steaming, cooking vegetables, cooking rice, and baking.

  • Made with MASPION Aluminum which has gone through the anodizing process. Making aluminum more durable, food-safe and easy to clean.
  • Unique aluminum strainer design with two handles, different from the ordinary steamer. The strainer is designed to be easier to lift when the food is done.
  • Strong and durable glass lid with anti-scratch making it easier to monitor the food.
  • Steam ventilation will reduce pressure so that food will not spill when boiled.
  • Equipped with a comfortable phenolic handle and knob, will not deliver heat when held while cooking.


Code Description Unit In Box Measurement Weight Barcode
Inner Box (mm) Outer Box (mm) /Unit (gr) /Box (gr)
AA-L-PGUGTK22 PANCAGUNA GUDETAMA GLASS COVER 22 6 PCS/BOX 330x230x190 705x345x390 8990011 225429
AA-L-PGUGTK24 PANCAGUNA GUDETAMA GLASS COVER 24 6 PCS/BOX 340x259x190 808x352x393 8990011 225436

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Glass Cover


Color Anodize, Slick Screen Printing

Handle & Knob

Phenolic / Ebonit


Electric Stove



  • Before using for the first time, wash with warm water, dishwashing soap, and a soft sponge.
  • Cook on medium or low heat. Aluminum is a good conductor so it is not necessary to cook at high-temperatures which will cause the change of colors on the surface of the aluminum cookware.
  • Allow the aluminum cookware to cool completely before washing.
  • After washing, dry each part of the aluminum cookware with a dry cloth.Better not to use metal utensils that can damage or scratch the inner surface.
  • Store the aluminum cookware carefully, avoid direct contact with metal or sharp objects.
  • Place the inside upside down when storing to prevent dust and odor.