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Premium Grill X Fry Pan – Panggangan Ikan Bulat

Grill X Frypan Panggangan Ikan Bulat Premium is a Grill & Fry Pan from the Colan brand of Maspion Logam Jawa. Fry Pan which is equipped with a grill grid so that it can be used for grilling and will leave appetizing grill stripes on the food. The low weight makes it easy to handle when filled with food. Designed as a grill without coal and charcoal.
  • Made from aluminum MASPION which has gone through an anodized rust-resistant process, making cookware more durable and easy to clean.
  • Equipped with a cover, Food will evenly cook faster so that it saves time and energy when cooking and reduces the impact on the environment.
  • Grill Grid made of iron wire coated with nickel chrome. Safe for food.
  • A quality glass cover allows viewing the contents of the pan during the cooking process. Strong and not easily scratched.